Our Allied Health Team


Francesca Sills - Exercise Physiology

Physical inactivity is the primary cause for most chronic disease or illness and the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. 

I strongly believe that people should not live their lives putting up with any sort of unnecessary pain or ongoing injury. A lot of people have long term ‘niggles’ or ‘illnesses’ that they think cannot be improved as they have been around for so long or because they have tried every therapy under the sun. Whilst in these situations most people steer clear of exercise, this is when it is needed most! Everyone deserves to be able to move their body how and when they want without fear or repercussions. I want to help people find time to introduce positive and sustainable lifestyle/behaviour changes starting with the exercise that is right for them. I want to show you that exercising right can (and will) improve your current state and often have you feeling better in all aspects of daily life. 

Whilst my passion lies in spinal and neurological rehabilitation, I am open to working with anyone and everyone. Whether it’s just a small push and extra motivation or a more complex intervention that’s needed, let me help!

To get in touch with Francesca, check out:
E: francesca@scienceoffitness.com.au
Ph: 0416938235


Isobel O’Sullivan - Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with exercise and sport. This was sparked when I saw Bend it Like Beckham for the first time at the ripe old age of 8 and decided I wanted to be a soccer star. Eventually I worked out that I had a greater passion for helping people but luckily my short lived soccer career made me realise I wanted to work with athletes and sporting teams.

I went on to work with sporting teams including some at the Regional level right up to the Women’s Roar and Brisbane Lions. In addition to this, I have worked as a Clinical Pilates Instructor and this has helped me develop my interest in optimising movement patterns even more. Now, I currently am working at UQ in the school of Physiotherapy teaching, lecturing and undertaking my PhD in knee pain [Patellofemoral pain in adolescents and the effect of foot position].

SOF is a great alignment and I’m very excited to be working with a bunch of people that share the same passion for people and exercise that I do.

To get in touch with Issy, check out:
Ph: 0407011933
E: info@scienceoffitness.com.au
Web: https://bookings.nookal.com/bookings/appointment/QQMGB/UJVCA?sid=7faef72d70dd6d60d6ae9bf40a4b55d7

Mitch Baker - Remedial Massage

My dream has always been to be the best in the world at some sort of sport. I'm 29 now, I've competed at Kona (Hawaii) in an Ironman and whilst I absolutely love it... I'm a realist and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

So, I help people. I help people everyday be the best they can be.

I wasn't the most talented athlete, so I spent a lot of years doing the little things that were in my control, instead of letting things outside of my control worry me. I found the main things were recovering right and making sure the body is moving right. No two people are the same and there are no quick fixes, but I'm and passionate about helping people recover and move better. I know this will then help them perform better in every facet of their life.

If I'm not exercising or sleeping, you'll probable find me eating mission chips and dip, watching sport or Jamie Oliver.

To get in touch with Mitch, check out:
Ph: 0434432909


Emma Sanelli - Exercise Scientist & Future Health Psychologist

I grew up playing a lot of sport and being quite active, spending 10 years competing at a national level for swimming. Through this, I had a lot of help from psychologists and coaches along the way, and I knew I wanted to do something in the field as well but never knew what. I decided to complete both the Exercise Science degree and a Psychology degree and found more and more along the way just how much these two fields overlap.

I’m hoping to complete a masters in Health Psychology to be able to provide people with the education and tools needed to their best mentally and physically. I particularly want to help women who find the mental aspect may be hindering and blocking them from being where they want to be physically. I also have a passion for boxing with 3 years experience working in a boxing gym and my first (and probably last ) amateur fight last year. I am available for Personal Training, Small Group sessions and basic Boxing technique and pad work.

To get in touch with Emma, check out:
E: emma.san203@hotmail.com
Ph: 0431 339 751


Talia yarden - Physiotherapist

Talia has been working with the team at Allsports Physiotherapy since 2014 and obtained her Physiotherapy degree from The University of Queensland. Talia is an ex-Australian representative Touch Football player who still loves to stay active and enjoys strength and conditioning training. Through her love for sport and extensive physiotherapy skills, Talia provides on-field sporting coverage for teams in elite sporting competitions such as QLD Cup Rugby League, Brisbane Premier Rugby Union and QLD Touch football. Talia enjoys working with a variety of sporting backgrounds and clinical populations to optimise function, reduce pain and promptly return patients to their activities of daily living. She has a particular interest in post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation for ACL reconstruction.  

To get in touch with Talia, check out the link below!
Web: https://bookings.nookal.com/bookings/appointment/QQMGB/UJVCA?sid=7faef72d70dd6d60d6ae9bf40a4b55d7