Group Fitness Program: Training For Life


Everything we do is based around making people better.

Since opening HQ in February 2015, hundreds of people have come to us in search of guidance as to how we can help them be better.


Now, ‘being better’ is a loose term, so let me clarify.

Being better can come in many forms, including but not limited to;

·      Increased muscle mass/decreased body fat

·      Increased strength levels

·      Improved work efficiency

·      Reduced stress levels

·      Decreased day-to-day aches and pains

·      Increased mobility

·      A more consistent routine

·      Improved self-confidence

·      Improved body-image

·      Or just simply, being happier with yourself as a whole.

 *The list could go on…

So, how do we do this?

Our Group Fitness program is tailored to suit most individuals. We’re currently running 20+ group fitness classes with the intention of improving as many physical aspects of health and fitness as possible. We don’t want to just make you fitter, or stronger, or leaner – we want to make you the complete package prepared for anything that life may throw at you.

Do you like to run? – Check out our Sprint or Run class.

Do you like to lift weights? – There is a Strength class on every single morning!

Do you like to work hard and sweat? – Primal and 2.0 are for you!

We’ve even got classes for those who need technical refreshers, additional core work and those who may be new or coming back into it after a long off-season… so to speak ;)

Our aim is to help people understand their body, be stronger and move better. We believe movement quality; thoughtful coaching and intelligent training combined with an electric group fitness atmosphere allow us to get the best results for our members. Ultimately, making them enjoy their training experience, benefit from the mental and physical challenges and feel part of a community who inspires each other, every single day.

- Joe



P.S – We are offering a new service called SOF BLACK.

SOF Black is semi-private Personal Training 3x per week. We are after those who can commit to 3 sessions per week, are open to training in a group format (capped at 8) but are also conscious of the costs involved.  

The class times will run 7am Mon/Wed/Fri and 9.30am Mon/Wed/Fri – rain, hail or shine.

Cost: $80/wk for 3x60min sessions.

If you want personal training results and are happy to work in a semi-private format with others working towards a similar goal, this is perfect for you.

For more info, email:



Joseph Agresta