We Don't Just Train Athletes


“Hi SOF,

I found you on the web.

Not sure if you work with any non-athletes as clients, but would love to discuss training options.

I am currently _________________ and needing to_______________.



This ^ is a message we receive weekly. 

Now, without trying to ‘toot our own horn’, it is understandable why many may think this way.

The fact is: only 20-30% of our clientele are elite level athletes.

But let me paint you a picture.

As you walk into the main entrance of SOF on the right hand side, there are a handful of representative jerseys pinned on the wall. These jerseys range from National level athletes to International athletes; including Olympic medalists.

At any time throughout the day, there may be an athlete training and working towards a particular event. In the past few months alone, we’ve been fortunate enough to help prepare individuals for Nationals in both Swimming and Athletics; Australia vs. New Zealand in Touch Football as well as the GPS Rugby competition.


Grant Irvine (Olympian)


Kieran - Head of S&C at GPS Rugby


(Left to Right) Paige, Ash, Rik, Laura, Mary + Kat - QLD/AUS Touch Footballers

On social media, the unspoken rule is ‘whatever looks the coolest, is the best for you’ – right? We post photos/videos of our members doing impressive things.


The best part about this is that not all these people are athletes. In fact, I’d argue that majority of them are regular people like you and I who just happened to prioritise their health and fitness AND AS A RESULT move well, look great, train smart and are happy with the environment they train in.

As a rough figure, only 20-30% of our clientele are elite level athletes.

The majority are just like you and I - the ‘general pop’, which come to the gym for a number of reasons.

A) To look better naked
B) To move better
C) To feel better
D) To be stronger/fitter/faster
E) All of the above

I definitely train for E.
Deep down; I believe most of us do.

This brings me back to my previous point.

“Not sure if you work with any non-athletes…”

At Science Of Fitness (SOF) everyone trains together. Mums are beside medalists and that’s how we prefer it. Our goal board reflects this, as each goal is just as important as the one that’s next to it.

Our attitude towards training does not change from athlete to ‘gen pop’.

Sure, there are obvious glaring differences between a 23yr old male rugby player and a 55yr old mother of 3. It would be naïve of me to even think that their training could co-exist. However, I do believe that our attitude and approach towards training remains the same.

Coming back to our previous post (see here) In everything we do, we want to make our members better.

We want to make a 55yr old mother of 3 stronger.
We want to make a 23yr old male rugby player stronger.

We want to make a 55yr old mother of 3 more stable.
We want to make a 23yr old male rugby player more stable.

We want to make a 55yr old mother of 3 more mobile.
We want to make a 23yr old male rugby player more mobile.

You get where this is going.

We treat each individual the way they need to be treated. If there are different goals between the 23yr old rugby player and 55yr old mother of 3, we train for those goals accordingly. Where the similarity lies is in the way we train them. Training fundamentals come first at SOF and for that reason, if you’re an Olympic Swimmer or a mother of 3, we always address obvious movement qualities and dysfunctions first before progressing according to individual goals. In essence, we make sure ALL CLIENTS can walk before they run.

The pathway to our goal will vary from Person A to Person B. Ultimately; we are trying to get them to the same end of the tunnel.

Moving Better. Feeling Better. Becoming Stronger. Being Healthier.

- Joseph Agresta




Joseph Agresta