What's Stopping You?



Fear is often a barrier when you are thinking of starting a new journey. Particularly, the fear of the unknown can prevent you from making a drastic and often much needed change to your life. Stepping into an unfamiliar territory will cause major anxiety for most of us because we fear what we cannot control.

Stepping into an unfamiliar gym (even at the best of times) will be confronting. The combination of loud music and voices paired with weights and an (often) eccentric group instructor isn’t exactly inviting to must of us.

The Health and Fitness industry has a notorious reputation of breaking down individuals through discouragement and poorly planned training options, that often has lead to injuries. Trainers need to stop yelling at their clients and treating each workout like it's life or death. This has unfortunately tarnished the likelihood of people coming down and trying out smaller boutique gyms, like us.

I’d like to believe I already knew this… but I have a particular client that helped me really open my eyes to this. She mentioned this in the back end of 2016 and I have thought about her comments literally every day since.

This particular client is a mother. 

  •         She saw our Instagram/Facebook and figured it was only for young people.
  •         She thought we only trained ‘elite individuals’.
  •         She thought she needed ‘x’ amount of years experience.
  •         She was worried about an injury she was carrying.
  •         She told me she waited 3+ months to even inquire.

This was a major eye opener for me. As both an insider/coach and everyday wannabe athlete (ha), my perception of ‘what we are’ is obviously very different from an outsider. In my own personal and bias opinion, I believe SOF is one of the most encouraging and friendly training environments around.

But that didn't matter.

It didn't matter how beneficial the training would be if someone who wants to change his/her life won’t even press the ‘send’ button on the inquiry page.

I suppose she was afraid she wouldn't fit in?

But she took the gamble.

*5 Months later*

This particular person feels way more confident in both the gym and in her running ability.

  • She’s planning on getting back into her marathons.
  • She comes to train at SOF one-on-one once a week.
  • She sets targets and smashes PR's in the gym.
  • She actively wants to improve her performance and entire outlook on training.
  • She also trains in a group fitness setting twice a week.

Our aim with training is to help people move and feel better. Our aim is to help individuals become stronger through structured and intelligent training. Our aim is to help you become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier in not only sport/recreational activity, but in LIFE.

I say this because since starting SOF in 2013, I believe we have helped hundreds of people become more confident in both the gym and in their own personal life. I share this story not to gloat, but to enlighten those who are perhaps afraid of starting that there are benefits after you take the first step.


All you have to do is take the first step.

Joe Agresta

“SOF has completely changed my outlook on Fitness. The positive atmosphere at the gym has brought a new level of motivation to my training and I am feeling great for it. The boys are doing an awesome job."

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Joseph Agresta