Class descriptions



Want to find out what you're made of? Our signature class, Primal, is designed to test you physically and mentally! Expect high intensity rounds, short rest periods and vigorous full body movements. Designed for mobility, power and endurance.


Programmed to help you build strength through compound movements. We have created a team environment where males and females to lift weights together without the stereotypical 'gym vibe'. Our trainers are there to watch over and help you improve your technique.

Our program is designed in 12 week blocks to help you progress by following a structured plan. At the end of 12 weeks, we test (or re-test) to see what changes we’ve made before starting another 12 week phase. Typically, this 12 week block is broken down into 3 x 4 week blocks with each phase having a specific focus.


We're taking the best parts of Strength and adding in a short & sharp sweat at the end.

This will run for 60min and combines full body strength and conditioning. This is by far one of our most popular classes!


Back pain is a common side effect of a weak core along with poor posture. This class is excellent If you're looking to strengthen your abdominals and improve your movement. Come and build an understanding of how the muscles that surround the pelvis and spine work in order to improve movement, relieve pain and build strength.


One of the harder classes we offer. This class is designed to push you past your physical limits. This class is not for the faint hearted.

Hi 5’s are both expected and encouraged.


In our opinion, the perfect place to start. This class has a great blend of strength exercises and movement-based drills. Whether you’re new or returning to exercise, new to the ‘group fitness world’ or are keen on perfecting the fundamentals, this is the place for you.

This class is capped at 10 people to ensure that quality is kept high and our trainer can attend to everyone in the class.

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.

ADvanced Core

Once you get great at Core, this is the next step for you. This class combines movements taken from gymnastics, crawling, locomotion and everything else that has been learnt along the way. This class will be hard because you will be pushed and you will be challenged. You do not have to be the strongest, nor the fittest, but you must be open to learning new movements.

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.


A perfect option for those wanting to unwind, down-regulate and improve on their flexibility.

A small and intimate group setting without distractions. Come unwind with us.

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.


Posture. Core Strength. Stability.

This class is run by our in-house Physiotherapist Isobel with the intention to build up core strength and stability whilst making improvements to your posture.

Ideal for all fitness levels.

Exclusive to SOF Platinum