Class descriptions



Difficulty - 5/5

Primal training is up there with the most challenging things you will do with us. Based on animal and primal movement patterns, we turn the dial up to challenge your metabolic energy system like never before. 

Think your fit? Wait till you try primal.


Difficulty - 4/5

Strength is a technique-based class focusing on the execution of compound lifts. The group environment encourages both males and females to lift weights together, without the stereotypical 'gym vibe'. We are firm believers in regular strength training, therefore highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their technique, overall strength and physique. 


Difficulty - 4/5

Strength and Conditioning sessions combine the best of both worlds helping you get stronger and fitter all wrapped into one. 

Split into two parts, the first is focused on strength based exercises, the second half is more of a conditioning focus. 

Looking for a bang for your buck type of class? This is it.


Difficulty - 4/5

The running version of our strength and conditioning class is made to teach you to run - really well. If you are looking to improve your base speed as a long distance runner, play a competitive land sport and need to get faster or want to get better at running in general, this class is perfect for you.


Back pain is a common side effect of a weak core along with poor posture. This class is excellent If you're looking to strengthen your abdominals and Difficulty - 2/5

Our core class is designed to increase core strength and body awareness in multiple planes and ranges of motion. You will learn how to move from the ground up by learning foundational pilates movements and their application to everyday movement. This class is perfect for those in need of rehabilitation, or looking to learn about movement properly. 

Not sure where to start? This is one of your answers.


Difficulty - 5/5

Conditioning is exactly that - hard, high intensity interval training. It is up there with one of the most challenging classes we offer and is designed to push you past your physical limits. This class is not for the faint hearted. Expect loads of sweat and high fives.


Difficulty - 3/5

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.

Move is a great starting point for those who are getting back into exercise after a period of time off, recovering from injury or new to exercise. 

This full body class incorporates the fundamentals of moving and moving well.

This is the perfect place to start.

ADvanced Core (SOF PLATINUM)

Difficulty - 5/5

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.

Advanced core takes elements of gymnastics, complex crawling patterns, pilates and strength training and combines them all into one to make you the most comprehensive mover you have ever been.

If you are looking to develop your movement and strength beyond your imagination, this is the class for you.


Difficulty - 2/5

Exclusive to SOF Platinum.

A perfect option for those wanting to unwind, down-regulate and improve flexibility. 

A small and intimate group setting without distractions.

Come unwind with us.


Difficulty - 2/5

Exclusive to SOF Platinum

Clinical grade pilates run by our in-house Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists with the intention to build core strength and stability to improve posture, movement and strength. Ideal for all fitness levels.

Fit over 50s (SOF PLATINUM)

Difficulty - 3/5

Exclusive to SOF Platinum

Small group sessions designed specifically for people 50+. This class focuses on building strength for injury prevention, improved posture and core strength and rehabilitation. 

There is only one rule - you must be 50+