Frequently Asked Questions

Do you train 'regular' people too?

Yes. Yes we do. In fact, 80% + of our client base are 'regular' people like You and I. 
*Social media has such a large influence these days that A) athletes prefer to get on the spotlight B) 'regular' people are often more shy - which is why you may not see as much public advertising.


Do you train older people?

Again, yes we do. Just come in at around 7am most mornings to check out the action. 
Our training sessions are catered for the individual - regardless of your age, training goals, injury/medical history or current physical state. 
We train older people who are both beginners and those well on their way to being in the best physical health of their lives. 


What if I am not fit enough?

We can help. There are a few options we recommend; 
A) Start with an initial screening with one of our Personal Trainers to help kick start the journey. This is the best way to approach your training as we will gain a deeper understanding of your goals and requirements.
B) Try one of our lower intensity training sessions, such as Core, Strength or SOF Black. From here, our Trainers can help direct you to a session that is most suitable.
C) Throw yourself in the deep end and book into a class. There are no ego's here at SOF - Simply, do what you can and give it your best shot.


Help. I've never trained before. Where do I begin?

Perfect. It starts with an Initial Consultation with one of our Personal Trainers. 
The initial consultation covers movement assessment, training goals, medical/injury history, previous experiences and preferences, as well as time spent getting to know each other. 
From here, we discuss training options and how we can help you work towards your goal/s.


I'm too nervous to start with Group Fitness and Personal Training isn't my jam. Where do I start?

Two Options.

  • Option A) Schedule in a time to meet with one of our Trainers to discuss your options moving forward.
  • Option B) Book in for a SOF Black class. This is a PT/Group Fitness hybrid which allows for training to be done in a small group setting (capped at 8) - It has the personalised feel whilst training with like-minded individuals.


How does it work?

There are no lock-in contracts. 
There is no minimum term. 
There are no sign up fees/exit fees. 
Payments can be made via Cash, EFTPOS or Direct Debit.

We love what we do. We believe you will too.