First Time with us?

The Group fitness Process

Step 1: Get in touch

Send us a message. Pop an email through. Call us.

You can also book through the Mind Body App (if you do - fill this out before hand)

It doesn’t matter how - it matters that you do.

One of our staff members will be able to help you choose which class will best suit your goals.

Step 2: Come and try it out.

Most of our members (who were once customers) come through our Free Week system. We strongly encourage you to try this too as it allows you to get a better understanding of which classes will be right for you.

There are 45 different class times throughout the week. There will be some that you love and some that you absolutely can’t stand. We recommend trying out a few different options to really get the most out of the Free Week.

We’ve also got casual options as well, including;
Casual Drop In - $25
Casual Week - $50
10 Class Pass - $200

If you’re still unsure, one of our trainers can help make recommendations.

Step 3: have a chat with one of our trainers

After your initial session, one of our trainers will be in touch to schedule in a quick chat.

The purpose behind this is to find out how you went in the class and how we can help you succeed with training.

Step 4: book in for your initial consultation (Highly recommended)

We believe that the only way to improve is to get a very clear understanding of where you currently sit.

Unique to SOF, our screening process is designed to thoroughly evaluate your current position.

Our screening process will cover three sections; psychological, physiological and movement. By assessing these areas, we gain a deeper understanding of the position you are in, allowing us to make more specific and appropriate recommendations to help you improve.

All new members are strongly encouraged to go through our initial consultation and movement screen. This is a 60 minute appointment where we run through the following:

  • Movement Screening -
    We will do multiple tests to assess how well you're moving, deficiencies that need to be addressed and what we can improve.

  • Medical History and Lifestyle -
    Discussing your history and lifestyle gives us a great understanding of your body. From here we can tailor your program and training schedule to best suit your needs and your current fitness level.

  • Training History -
    "The best program is the one that you will stick to." We will chat about what you have done before, what you liked, what you hated and what you want to try in the future in order to develop patterns and routines that'll help you achieve your goals.

  • Goal Setting -
    Training without a goal is simply exercise.
    We want to help you achieve your goals through proper, intelligent training by developing systems that you will stick too in the long run.

Why is this important to us?

These results will serve as a baseline for you moving forward. 

We believe long term success has a direct relationship with consistency and momentum.

Once training becomes fun, enjoyable and part of the routine, the benefits will soon follow...