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Have a health and fitness goal? Our trainers know how to get you there. Whether you are a recreational runner who wants help crossing the finish line, someone in need of squat tune-up or simply need to get rid of some extra kilos, our sessions are individually programmed and tailored towards your goal. Our aim is to help you become more efficient when training to maximise results and ultimately reach your goal/s.


How we work

Performance based programming

Our Personal Training program is performance based and guarantees results. Our trainers individually assess and program based on your goals, training history, medical profile and lifestyle. From here, we discuss training options and work towards reaching your goal/s.

We believe that training is applicable for all ages, shapes and sizes and should continue on late into life. In our eyes there is nothing that should stop you from moving, no obstacle is too large and no body is too unfit. It's always the right time to start.

The Process

Step 1: Initial consultation

Your first step is the SOF assessment, which includes a comprehensive movement screen, body composition analysis, in-depth medical history questionnaire and a lifestyle analysis.

These results will serve as a baseline for you moving forward, and allow your trainer to recommend the most effective training methods for your needs.

After your assessment, we will tailor your 4/6/8 week program that addresses your specific health and fitness goals. You will receive your program within 48 hours of your initial consultation

*An initial consultation is the first step towards commencing personal training*

*The initial consultation cost is $99*


Step 2: personal training sessions and program delivery

In your first session, we will run you through your training program and explain how it moves you towards your goal/s.

Each exercise is in your program for a specific reason. We will take the time to explain the 'why' behind your program to you, because it's much easier to get through the work, when you know why you're doing it!

Each week we track your progress through your program and make adjustments as you improve.

Step 3: Reassessment and reprogramming

Every 4/6/8 weeks we revisit your goals, reassess how you're moving, chat about what you're enjoying and create a new program.


Personal Training Pricing


Initial Consultation

one off price

*compulsory to start PT

One on one

60min assessment


10 Pack

starting price $770

unlimited programming and updates

unlimited body composition analysis

Constant feedback and progressions

*Access To HQ outside of training times

 Never Expires 

One on One

*prices vary dependent on trainer

Personal Training

starting price $77

unlimited programming and updates


one on one

*prices vary dependent on trainer


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