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Increased performance   

Faster, fitter, stronger athletes.

The SOF approach to elite athleticism combines traditional strength and conditioning methods with a more contemporary, evidence based practices to improve athletic performance.

We've had the privilege of helping numerous athletes from 20+ sporting backgrounds achieve results at the highest levels, including Nationally, Internationally and at the Olympic Games. Each athlete is individually assessed and programmed based on their specific requirements. The SOF method incorporates neuroscience, biomechanics, physiological and psychological elements to maximise, as the best we can, an athletes potential.

Our staff list includes both qualified Exercise Scientists and Strength & Conditioning coaches. Our coaching and programming utilise the latest in sports science research to ensure our athlete's training delivers peak performance.


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initial screening $99

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flexible contract

small group or teams

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unlimited programming and updates

unlimited access to SOF hq

Multiple trainers available for larger teams/organisations


Our program is available to anybody that wants to succeed. We cater for junior level athletes right up to Olympic level athletes.
For any athlete willing to put the work in, Science of Fitness provides possibly the highest level Strength & Conditioning program available in Australia.


"I'm 100% satisfied and absolutely in love. Science of Fitness has been a crucial aspect of my training; correcting, developing and enhancing my mind, body and fitness."

Madi Wilson - Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist - Rio 2016


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