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"Since joining team Science of Fitness in September 2014, I believe I have improved myself both physically and mentally as a person and as an athlete. Before training with the SOF team I thought I knew what working hard was all about but I soon found out I had not even scraped the surface of what I am capable of even though I have already competed at the pinnacle level of my sport, the Olympic Games. Chris, Rory and Joe have all had a tremendous impact on my life in so many ways in the short amount of time I have been working with them! Between the three of them their range of expertise and knowledge is extremely broad and they can cover every aspect you can think of within the health and fitness industry. By far the best decision I have ever made was deciding to work with Team SOF. I will continue to work with SOF not only for the duration of my swimming career but as my personal choice for life after professional competition!"

Brittany Elmslie, OAM - 2x Olympic Gold Medalist - London 2012, Rio 2016


"I'm 100% satisfied and absolutely in love with the primal based gym. Science of Fitness has been a crucial aspect of my training; correcting, developing and enhancing my mind, body and fitness."

Madi Wilson - Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist - Rio 2016


"For over 2 years now Joe Agresta has been making me sweat for 60 minutes each week. He calls it a PT session, I call it pain. If I wasn’t tougher than him I would have given up after just 2 sessions not 2 years, but this is what makes Joe such a terrific personal trainer. Just when you think you have reached your limit Joe squeezes out another ounce of effort. Thanks to Joe I am both stronger and lighter than I was 20 years ago. But he doesn’t get all the credit. I still had to put in the extra gym sessions and follow his program to achieve my target, as there are no shortcuts to fitness. This outcome was achieved through Joe’s support and encouragement. Joe keeps me on track and makes each gym session an essential element of my weekly schedule. Thanks Joe. I’ll be back for another fantastic session next week."

Morris Jones


"When I started at SOF I was 12kgs heavier than I am now and had never committed to any kind of exercise in my life. One session at SOF had me hooked. I went from doing absolutely nothing to hating if I missed out on sessions. I love SOF because the boys push me HARD. They know when I can do better (even when I don’t) and they’ll keep pushing me to 110% of my capacity. I don’t train at SOF because I want something easy (easy you definitely won’t find here). I go to push my limits, improve myself and sweat hard. Rory, Joe and Chris have helped me reach goals I didn’t think were possible and have encouraged me tirelessly. They don’t let you give up and because of that I am the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have even been."

Gabby Baker


"My whole life I have been a big enthusiast of sport and health, and have a particular passion for playing touch footy. However, I found that I had plateaued in my game and was trying to manage niggly injuries throughout the season. So one day, after hearing through the grape vine about SOF, I took the plunge and decided I needed some specific training for myself, if I was ever going to continue playing touch at a competitive level,  as well as wanting to improve my general health and wellbeing. I can safely say that this has been the best decision I’ve made by far. With Joey’s specific training program that tailored to my needs, I have seen significant changes in my game and general fitness. Not only gaining confidence and strength, I’m now injury free, but also have a completely new mindset, set new goals, and I’ve tested my limits on a whole new level that I wouldn’t ever think was possible. Joey and the boys at SOF have an immense amount of knowledge and experience on strength and fitness in all areas and along with their positive approach to anything they come across, they will continue to keep pushing me beyond my limits and reaching my goals.  Thanks boys!"

Christie Moloney - Elite 8's & NSW U20 Touch Football Representative


Beginning training at SOF has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I love everything about training at SOF from the trainers who care and take the time to educate and push you to your limits, to the people, PT sessions, the classes and the environment. The atmosphere created at SOF is like no other, it feels like a family and I love the fun, supportive and challenging place that it is - no session is ever the same, so you don’t get bored or sick of the training. All of the boys at SOF have enabled me to reach health and fitness goals beyond what I thought possible, and I will continue to go week in, week out and will be forever grateful for the immense knowledge and support that they impart on me each and every time I walk through the door.

Amy Penberthy


"I started training at SOF in September 2015 and I can honestly say - It's changed my life. My first ever testing session really reiterated to me how underdone I was in terms of flexibility, strength and power. I never thought that this training was an essential part of my regime as I had always been quite speedy and used to do a lot of land based training and swimming for cardio.

Joey introduced me to some power based exercises and before I knew it my speed had gradually increased and I was at peak performance just in time for Elite 8 Touch Selection (November 2015). I had been playing touch for a long time but never cracked the top level rep teams, until I started training with Joe. I had been selected in the Cowboys Elite 8 team which competed at the National Touch League Elite 8 Series in March 20176. I was at peak physical fitness, which saw me play 8 games over 4 days without a sub. This series saw me picked in the squad for the QLD Women's Open team and eventually was picked and playing in the Women's Open State of Origin Series as ad debutante at age 27.

Joe has been absolutely fantastic - we have a core group of girls who train together, motivate each other to reach our own individual goals and it is a great environment.

I can't wait to see what the next 12 months entails.

Mary McLean - QLD Origin Women's Player


From playing at a recreational level, to having the privilege of representing my country in Touch Football, staying fit and healthy has always been an important part of my life.

Since joining SOF in 2015, I can honestly say that I have been pushed to my limits. The training has been some of the toughest, yet most rewarding to date, and has helped me to grow both as an athlete, and a person.  The boys do an amazing job, and are continually challenging me to be better each and every time I walk through the doors.

The atmosphere inside the gym is second to none. The support and encouragement you receive from not only the coaches, but the other members as well, has to be seen to believe.

I cannot recommend SOF enough.

Ashleigh Kearney - Australian Touch Football Representative


I have been fortunate enough to have had the honour of playing Touch Football  in the Australian Women’s Opens team for the past six years. When our international tournament, the Trans Tasman Test against New Zealand,  rolls around in April each year I have always aimed to have my body in peak physical fitness. After suffering an ankle injury in 2016 and being unable to train for 3-4 months I felt I had  lost a lot of strength, speed and power. I started training with SOF and in particular Joe before the 2017 Trans Tasman Series to regain the strength and power I felt I had lost.

From my very first PT session and group fitness class I was instantly impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the guys at SOF. Joe was meticulous in his approach to designing a personalised training program for me which was tailored to improving my strength in accordance with the skills and movements required in Touch Football. The sessions were challenging but Joe really took the time to explain to me the specificity and relevance of each exercise to my ultimate goal.  I also attended group fitness classes as apart of my training in the lead up to this years Trans Tasman and I have never felt as strong as I have after training at SOF.

I can't recommend SOF enough and I can honestly say that the guys at SOF really know the science of fitness! 

Marikki Watego - Australia Touch Football Representative


“I first trained with SOF in the mornings at the dewy Bowman Park more than 3 years ago, however, I didn’t go to many sessions. I came back to train at SOF when they were using a shed at Newmarket Pool and again stopped shortly after. It had more to do with my attitude towards fitness and health rather than the service they were providing. 

My attitude towards fitness changed after sustaining numerous injuries and the frustration associated with the injuries lead me back to SOF where training went from being a chore to an enjoyment caused by chasing PBs and the euphoric feeling post training. I now look forward to training and having a laugh before and after the session.

I think the SOF guys have done an incredible job from where they started in Bowman Park to now having a permanent SOF HQ. It’s not about the physical space but the hardworking & fun vibe of the place."

Nick Tregenza