How To Define Your Fitness



For a word that is thrown around quite often, actually understanding what Fitness means can be a little more complex than first thought.

Consider this:

    A person that runs a marathon sub 4 hours is considered fit.

    A person that can do a muscle up and a hand stand is considered fit.

    A person that can squat double their body weight is considered fit.

You get the point.

Now consider this:

It is highly unlikely that a marathon runner can squat double body weight, or do a muscle up (risky statement I know, and if you can please show me because that is frickin’ nuts).

The same goes for the other examples.

To put it simply - one person’s fitness is different to another.

By achieving one outcome, there may be three others compromised in the process.

And that’s the beauty of it – you’ll never be satisfied.

What we suggest is picking and sticking with something until you have it, but never settling once you’re there.

At SOF, we aim to simply help teach you the best way to hit your definition of fitness.

So, when it comes to defining your fitness, we like the great quote from Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook” – “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”