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Strength & conditioning - Touch Football
By Joseph Agresta


Over the past 12 months, I have been fortunate enough to come onboard as a consultant with Touch Football Australia. My role was to help assist with their S&C program and training development, in particular with the Open Women’s Squad in the lead up to the World Cup in April (2019).

This was my first real exposure to working with a professional organisation and a larger squad setting. Since Touch Football is still a growing sport, I was lucky to be given freedom with my programming which is something I’ve truly cherished. Although it's only been a relatively short time frame (12 months), it has taught me a lot about working with athletes of all different skill levels, training ages, injuries, motivation levels, etc… the list can go on.

It’s safe to say that I’ve learnt a lot.

Having the opportunity to work with such high performing individuals has been a little bucket list goal of mine for some time and it's something I am incredibly grateful to be apart of.

All of the Australian teams did extremely well. Of course, I am biased towards the Open Women’s team who came home with the trophy!

Well done to the players & the coaching staff involved - such an amazing group of people.

This was a massive learning experience for myself and I enjoyed every second watching them win gold over in Kuala Lumpur last month.

I’m absolutely stoked to have been a (small) part of the process.

- Joe Agresta

Joseph Agresta