Group Fitness


we're better together!

Our Group Fitness program is designed so that you can choose your classes to support your goals.

  • Keen to build strength? We've got both morning and afternoon classes!

  • Want to run faster? Check out our run focused S&C session on Tuesday and Thursday 6am.

  • Think you're fit and want a challenge? Come along to Primal. Our signature class will let you know what you're made of.

Whatever your fitness goals, we've got classes for you. 

Currently our Group Fitness program runs 33 classes each week across multiple different formats. We pride ourselves on designing and planning our classes so that they deliver the highest quality training, based on exercise science.

The majority of our classes combine strength and movement with conditioning, however some classes, such as strength or conditioning, will have a heavier focus on one of those elements. 

At SOF we are proud to have created a 'no-egos' culture. You are here to compete only against yourself.

Our priority is providing you challenging and intelligent training in a fun environment.


PRIMAL SATURDAY 730am will be run at Musgrave Park, West End in conjunction with Kiss The Berry.


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The Group fitness Process

Step 1: Come and try it out.

There are casual options (single and packages), memberships and the free week to choose from!

We recommend choosing classes that support your training goals. Our trainers can make recommendations if you are unsure of where to start!

Step 2: have a chat with one of our trainers

After your initial session, one of our trainers will be in touch to schedule in a quick chat.

The purpose behind this is to find out how you went in the class and how we can help you succeed with training.

Step 3: book in for your initial consultation

From here, one of our trainers will schedule you in for an initial consultation.

We believe that the only way to improve is to get a very clear understanding of where you currently sit. Unique to SOF, our screening process is designed to thoroughly evaluate your current position.

Our screening process will cover three sections; psychological, physiological and movement. By assessing these areas, we gain a deeper understanding of the position you are in, allowing us to make more specific and appropriate recommendations to help you improve.

Every new member goes through our initial consultation and movement screen. This is a 60 minute appointment where we run through the following:

  • Movement Screening -
    We will do multiple tests to assess how well you're moving, deficiencies that need to be addressed and what we can improve.

  • Medical History and Lifestyle -
    Discussing your history and lifestyle gives us a great understanding of your body. From here we can tailor your program and training schedule to best suit your needs and your current fitness level.

  • Training History -
    "The best program is the one that you will stick to." We will chat about what you have done before, what you liked, what you hated and what you want to try in the future in order to develop patterns and routines that'll help you achieve your goals.

  • Goal Setting -
    Training without a goal is simply exercise.
    We want to help you achieve your goals through proper, intelligent training by developing systems that you will stick too in the long run.

Why is this important to us?

These results will serve as a baseline for you moving forward. 

We believe long term success has a direct relationship with consistency and momentum.

Once training becomes fun, enjoyable and part of the routine, the benefits will soon follow...

Initial COnsultation: NEW MEMBER


*highly recommended


Class descriptions


Want to find out what you're made of? Our signature class, Primal, is designed to test you physically and mentally! Expect high intensity rounds, short rest periods and vigorous full body movements. Designed for mobility, power and endurance.


Programmed to help you build strength through compound movements. We have created a team environment where males and females to lift weights together without the stereotypical 'gym vibe'. Our trainers are there to watch over and help you improve your technique.


We're taking the best parts of Strength and adding in a short & sharp sweat at the end. This will run for 60min and combines full body strength and conditioning. One of our most popular classes!


Back pain is a common side effect of a weak core along with poor posture. This class is excellent If you're looking to strengthen your abdominals and improve your movement. Come and build an understanding of how the muscles that surround the pelvis and spine work in order to improve movement, relieve pain and build strength.


The hardest class we offer. This class is designed to push you past your physical limits. This class is not for the faint hearted.